Our Federation


In Autumn 2018, after a rigorous consultation process, the Barlow governing body voted to federate with Chapel Haddlesey Primary School.  Whilst each school maintains their own identity through the school logo, uniform, vision and values, there is one Headteacher and one governing body working in the best interests of the pupils and staff across both schools.

Autumn 2019 saw us welcome Burton Salmon Primary School to the federation and we are approaching the final stages of this process.

As the federation has strengthened its foundations, we have staff who work across both sites and deliver foundation subjects across the federation including PE, Cookery, French and SEN and Year 6 booster interventions.   A Senior Leadership Team made up of the Executive Headteacher, Heads of School from Barlow and Chapel Haddlesey and a Business Manager implement the strategic direction of the schools and meet regularly to drive forward the improvements identified on the School Development Plan.  

Mr MacDonald, the Executive Headteacher, splits her time across both schools, driving and monitoring the strategies in the School Improvement Plan.

The Head of school at Barlow, Mrs Hugill, is the Maths Subject Coordinator across both schools and Mrs Lindley, Head of School at Chapel Haddlesey, is the English Subject Coordinator.

Mrs Marwood, Business Manager, splits her time across both schools to lead on finance and health & safety. Mr Marshall, Class 1 Teacher at Haddlesey is the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Lead across both schools.  

Mrs Hall, qualified level 5 PE Instructor, leads on the PE curriculum and delivers this across all three sites, providing evidence of how we spend the PE and Sports Funding each year.  

Mrs S. Smith, Class 3 teacher at Barlow and Haddlesey leads on Science and Mrs Lane is the IT subject coordinator across the federation.  

This team approach is working well to evaluate and improve our practices for the best outcomes for our children.

We are particularly proud of our new federation logo and is now used on federation newsletters, policies and other shared documents.  We have consulted with our stakeholders - pupils, parents, staff and governors to consider a new name for the federation and we look forward to announcing this soon.

Aims and Values Statement

Since federating with Chapel Haddlesey Primary in November 2018, we have reviewed our Aims and Values statement with the staff and governor team as a whole.  We are proud to share with you our Aims and Values:

Barlow Aims and Values Statement 2019

We are really proud of our Christian Values display which is in the school hall for all to see.

Class 1

Hello and welcome to Class One - we all shine in this classroom! We work hard to achieve our best and are fabulous friends to each other. We have lots of exciting things happening in our classroom so please take a look.

In EYFS (Reception year), we strive to create a rich and stimulating learning experience for the children every day. Our indoor and outdoor areas are set up to enable the children to learn independently and ‘planning in the moment’ captures the children’s interests as it happens.

In KS1, our curriculum is important to us. Engaging, creative and varied, it’s enhanced with exciting theme days, visits and visitors, which create memorable experiences and help us develop a love of learning.

There is a dedicated team working in Class One. Mrs Lane is our class teacher and she is supported by Mrs Edenbrow and Ms Hargreaves.


 Class 1 News - Autumn 2019

Welcome back to school everyone! We hope you all had a lovely summer and that you are ready to learn lots in Class 1 this term. We have an exciting and busy term ahead and our mission is to ‘make learning fun’ for our children. The grown-ups in Class 1 are as follows: Mrs Lane, Mrs Edenbrow, Ms Hargreaves and Mrs Hall. This term, we will be joining in with our school topic of ‘Celebrations,’ and we will be learning about how we celebrate different events and how our celebrations compare with those from different countries and religions. We will be learning about the lives of significant people from the past including St Nicholas and Guy Fawkes. In our English lessons, we will be focusing on writing captions, simple sentences and our own narrative, using Shirley Hughes’ story ‘Alfie Lends a Hand’, ‘Alfie’s birthday surprise’ and Mick Inkpens ‘Kipper’ stories as a starting point.

As ever, we make it our aim this term that everything we do in Class 1 chimes with the Early Years ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’:

  • Playing and exploring: making sure that our learning begins with what we are interested in.
  • Active learning: developing our concentration and persistence skills when we are learning.
  • Critical thinking: investigating, making links in our learning and testing out our ideas.

A big part of our vision is for parents and carers to be as involved in the children’s learning as possible. With this in mind, please keep accessing and using your child’s Tapestry account. Tapestry is an online learning journey, which enables everyone at home to see the learning we have done and to tell us about significant steps forward that the children make at home. If you are new to school this term, we will send out further information about how to access and use Tapestry soon.

EYFS children: the children will develop their reading, writing, number and shape work through play and through short, formal learning sessions as well. In Phonics, our focus will be consolidating the children’s learning in Phases 2, 3 and 4 of ‘Letters and Sounds,’ in order to enable them to read and write sentences with increasing confidence. In Number, we will work on developing fluent counting to twenty, and the skill of recognizing one more and one less than any given number. In Shape, Space and Measure, we will give the children opportunity to explore real-life problems related to size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money, as well as introducing mathematical language to describe shapes. During the term your child will begin to bring home a reading book to share with you. Please work through your child’s school reading book as regularly as possible as this will aid their fluency and embed their Phonics learning. Please record this reading in your child’s reading record to let us know how they’re getting on.

Year 1 and 2 children: in our Phonics sessions, year 1 children will recap and embed phase 4 letter sounds and begin to learn phase 5 sounds. The year 2 children will now begin to participate in spelling sessions where they will learn how to use independent spelling strategies including trace, copy and replicate, segmentation and ‘quickwrite’. Please ensure that your child is sharing their reading book with you regularly, engaging in discussions about the story and the words they are reading and this is being recorded in their reading record. In English, we will focus on caption and narrative sentence writing, encouraging your children to independently apply their SPAG skills in their work. In Maths we will be consolidating our practical and mental skills in lessons. Please ensure that the children are regularly practising the following at home: number bonds to twenty, counting to 100 in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, identifying one more and less than any number up to 100. In the afternoons, the Year 1/2 children will continue to work through the other curriculum subjects: we will be exploring materials and their properties in science, learning about the United Kingdom in geography and finding out about significant people from the past and how they have helped us have a better life today.


We need your help:

At the start of a new school term there are a number of items that we need to encourage creativity and imagination. If you have any old clothes/bags/hats/scarves etc suitable for our role play area we would love to make use of them. We are also looking to restock our junk modelling and creative areas with items such as boxes of different sizes and shapes and cardboard tubes. Again if you have anything you think would be useful, please speak to any of the class 1 team.

Extra information:

Class 1 will have PE lessons with Mrs Hall on Friday afternoon, so please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school each week. They are also very lucky to be taking part in Forest schools learning this year. This will take place with Mrs Hall on a Friday morning, so please can we ask that your child comes prepared with clothing suitable for all weathers along with a pair of named wellies to avoid school shoes getting too muddy.

We encourage all our children to be as independent as possible; to support this please can all clothing be named and identifiable to your child. Please can all members of Class 1 continue to bring a complete change of clothes to school each day, in case of accidents or school clothes getting wet and messy.


Please do keep an eye on Tapestry and on your child’s ‘Marvellous Me,’ account for updates of any news and the progress your child is making.

Finally a reminder that we do have an open door policy so if there is anything you need to discuss with us we are available before or after school on most days so feel free to come and speak to us we are here to help!


Mrs Lane and the Class 1 team


Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Class 2 is made up of a team of courageous learners as well our teacher, Mrs Hugill, and our teaching assistants, Mrs Collins and Ms Hargreaves. We are an enthusiastic and kind class that that readily accepts everyone that comes in through the door. If we make mistakes in Class 2, we know this is only our first try; we are resilient learners and keep going, determined to get the end result. We support everyone in our school and never give up on our TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More. When we fall down, we know to get straight back up and keep on going.

We enjoy writing, solving problems, listening to our class book and learning about the world around us through our topics. In the mornings, we focus on maths, spellings and grammar and writing across a range of genres and in the afternoons, we complete guided reading and our topic work. Our topic lessons are made up of the foundation subjects which are completed in weekly blocks.

Our exciting and challenging P.E. sessions are led by Mrs Hall, our federation PE Instructor and Ms Hargreaves. These are great sessions to develop confidence, teamwork skills and balance and coordination. This term, we are trying our hand at martial art lessons. Collective worship takes place every morning where we gather and engage with the aim of the day.

This year in January, years 4, 5 and 6 had the opportunity to go to Robinwood Activity Centre for a 3 day residential visit where they tried new skills such as rock climbing and bouldering. 

We have a range of clubs open to the children in our class and these include Film Club, Table-tennis Club, Art Club, Praise & Play throughout the year. These are very popular and change each term, taking account of our pupils' recommendations through Pupil Voice meetings.

Even though there are four year groups in our class, we all have our own work to complete and we always make sure it’s the best it can be. We all learn in different ways and this is supported through our inclusivity.

We are Class 2 and we always do our best.

Here is the class newsletter from Autumn 2019:

Class 2 Autumn Term Newsletter 2019

The School Day

The gates open at 8:00am for the families that wish to access breakfast club. The rest of the school are welcome to arrive at school at 8:45am, ready for a prompt 8.55am start.  Collective worship is at 10:15am each day, apart from Friday Celebration Worship which is usually at 3:15pm. Morning break is at 10:30am for 15 minutes. Lunch time starts at 12:00pm for one hour. During lunchtime, the pupils can take advantage of the playground with a variety of games painted on it and a large attractive field, which can be used for a number of sporting activites. Afternoon break is at 2:15pm, which lasts for 15 minutes. The school day finishes at 3:30pm which sees some of our pupils engage within our after school clubs until 4:30pm. You can see more information about our facilities in our prospectus which can be found here.

Our School Prayer & Reflection Areas in School

We end each school day by saying our school prayer, giving thanks to God. 


Dear God,

We are thankful for a peaceful day, for helping us overcome our challenges and our friendships that we have made.

We ask you to help us endure in all that we do and to keep everyone at Barlow Primary safe.


We are really proud of our Reflection Areas which are in each classroom.  The Worship Group were involved in setting up the areas and introducing them to the other pupils.


Our Worship Group

The school is proud of its strong links to the community, local church and the Diocese of York and the Worship Group consider how we engage with our church community.   

This year the group is made up of:

Y6 - Darcy 
Y5 - Jack B
Y4 - George 
Y3 - Annelise 
Y2 - Mia
Y1 - Eva 

The Worship group meets with Rev. Pete and also with Mr Marshall (RE Lead across the federation) and both teachers in school to offer ideas about and to help lead worship within school. They take responsibility for organising a weekly worship which is based on the Christian Value focus of that half term. Our worship group has started to lead sections of our end of term services attended by parents. They also support the daily Collective Worship through organising the hall and music and lighting the candles.

Once a month, we welcome into school a team of Church volunteers who run a programme called ‘Open the Book’. The volunteers retell bible stories, focusing on Christian values, through drama and singing.  Each session, different pupils are selected to take on a role in the scene and dress up in simple costume, reading simple lines.  The audience really do enjoy these stories which help to reinforce our teaching about Christian values.

Our Peace Palace

Rev. Pete met with our worship group to discuss how we use the space within our school and how this could be improved. It was decided that a new area needed to be created, an area that would allow for pause and refection. After months of consideration and design, the peace palace was built and opened in July 2017.
The pupils have designed it inside to include prayers, thoughts and feelings and it's also allows for quiet time and quality conversations with friends.

We proudly opened our Peace Palace in July 2017


Our School Council

Our School Council regularly meet to discuss and consider new school ideas.  These might be to determine which charity to send our Non-Uniform Day donations to, to consider what after-school clubs might be popular with our pupils and even to run a competition for families to suggest a new federation name.

Here is the School Council, voted in by their peers in September 2019.


Our Junior Road Safety Officers

Our Junior Road Safety Officers regularly meet to discuss and consider road and pedestrian safety around school with the support of Mrs Collins, Class 2 Teaching Assistant. Each term they run competitions to highlight the importance of crossing the road safely and are also preparing information to be sent home to parents and carers about parking safely and considerately outside our school.

Here are our Junior Road Safety Officers, Elizabeth  and Leighton, for this year.