Our Federation with Chapel Haddlesey Primary School


In Autumn 2018, after a rigorous consultation process, the Barlow governing body voted to federate with Chapel Haddlesey Primary School.  Whilst each school maintains their own identity through the school logo, uniform, vision and values, there is one Headteacher and one governing body working in the best interests of the pupils and staff across both schools.

 As the federation has strengthened its foundations, we have staff who work across both sites and deliver foundation subjects across the federation including PE, Cookery, French and SEN and Year 6 booster interventions.   A Senior Leadership Team made up of the Headteacher, a Senior Teacher from both schools and a Business Manager implement the strategic direction of the school and meet regularly to drive forward the improvements identified on the School Development Plan.  

The Senior Teacher at Barlow, Mrs Hugill, is the Maths Subject Coordinator across both schools and Mrs Lindley, Senior Teacher at Chapel Haddlesey, is the English Subject Coordinator.  Mrs Marwood, Business Manager, splits her time across both schools to lead on finance and health & safety. Mr Marshall, Class 1 Teacher at Haddlesey is the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Lead across both schools.  Mrs Hall, qualified level 5 PE Instructor, leads on the PE curriculum and delivers this across both sites, providing evidence of how we spend the PE and Sports Funding each year.  Mrs S. Smith, Class 3 teacher at Haddlesey leads on Science and Mrs Lane is the IT subject coordinator across the federation.  This team approach is working well to evaluate and improve our practices for the best outcomes for our children.

We are particularly proud of our new federation logo, which was designed in Spring 2019 and is now used on federation newsletters, policies and other shared documents.

Aims and Values Statement

Since federating with Chapel Haddlesey Primary in November 2018, we have reviewed our Aims and Values statement with the staff and governor team as a whole.  We are proud to share with you our Aims and Values:

Barlow Aims and Values Statement 2019

Class 1

Hello and welcome to Class One - we all shine in this classroom! We work hard to achieve our best and are fabulous friends to each other. We have lots of exciting things happening in our classroom so please take a look.

In EYFS (Reception year), we strive to create a rich and stimulating learning experience for the children every day. Our indoor and outdoor areas are set up to enable the children to learn independently and ‘planning in the moment’ captures the children’s interests as it happens.

In KS1, our curriculum is important to us. Engaging, creative and varied, it’s enhanced with exciting theme days, visits and visitors, which create memorable experiences and help us develop a love of learning.

There is a dedicated team working in Class One. Mrs Alnajjar is our class teacher and she is supported by Mrs Edenbrow and Ms Hargreaves.



Class 1 News

 Spring 2019 

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a lovely and restful Christmas holiday and that the children are ready for the new school term.  This term we will be reading and exploring Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which will give us the opportunity to find out about the magical world of Roald Dahl. We will learn how to write detailed instructions, write a letter to Willy Wonka persuading him why we should win the 6th golden ticket and suggest ideas for creating a new room in that wonderful factory of his.


We will continue to practise and apply our Phonics skills every day, in discreet sessions and within our reading and writing. In our English lessons, we will be building on our good work from the autumn term and consolidating our writing skills as well as acting out and dramatizing some of the books we will be focussing on this term. Please continue reading at home. The children are expected to bring their reading books to and from school every day as the day on which individual readers are heard can vary. Throughout the week, the children will also be working on their Guided Reading, handwriting and spellings on a daily basis.


We will pick up where we left off in our mathematics encouraging the children to use a range of practical, written and mental methods in order to solve number calculations. We will cover place value, measuring, calculation and data handling. Please continue to practise your child’s SMIRFS (Space Mission Instant Recall Facts) as often as possible. We will be sending out a fresh SMIRF sheet for your child this week. Please let me know if you feel that your child is ready to move onto the next level.

*Foundation Subjects – Art & Design, Religious Education, Music, Design, Technology and computing and Science

Our book choices used in English will drive forward our afternoon learning in most of the foundation subjects. We will explore where in the world different ingredients to make chocolate come from, as well as investigating where and how the story of chocolate began.  R.E. will continue to be a stand-alone subject as we continue to follow the North Yorkshire agreed syllabus. In art, design and technology we will be designing our own chocolate bar wrappers, while in science we will be investigating properties of liquids and solids and growing our own sugar rocks. Let’s hope we are successful!


P.E. sessions this term will take place on a Friday and will be led by Mrs Edenbrow. We will keep kits in class until half term, unless they are in need of a wash. Please can you ensure that your child has a pair of trainers and appropriate P.E. kit in their bag as we do have P.E. outside as often as possible.  As we are in the middle of winter can we suggest that warmer clothes are readily available in the children’s bags.  Please can you continue to ensure that all P.E. kit is named as well as all school uniform.

*Extra Information

We are lucky enough to have Mrs Edenbrow and Mrs Bodle working with us for the majority of the week. Ms Hargreaves and Mrs Collins will join us on Monday and Wednesday afternoons respectively.

We will continue to use ‘Marvellous Me!’ to keep you up to date with any little class reminders and those precious moments during the day that need to be celebrated and shared.

If anyone would be happy to donate their time to come and volunteer in the classroom, we would love to welcome you!

Finally a reminder that we do have an open door policy so if there is anything you need to discuss with us, we are available before and after school on most days. Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs. Alnajjar, Mrs Edenbrow and Mrs Bodle

Class 1 Team




Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Class 2 is made up of 23 courageous learners as well our teacher, Mrs Hugill, and our teaching assistant, Mrs Collins. We are an enthusiastic and kind class that that readily accepts everyone that comes in through the door. If we make mistakes in Class 2, we know this is only our first try; we are resilient learners and keep going, determined to get the end result. We support everyone in our school and never give up on our TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More. When we fall down, we know to get straight back up and keep on going.

We enjoy writing, solving problems, listening to our class book and learning about the world around us through our topics. In the mornings, we focus on maths, spellings and grammar and writing across a range of genres and in the afternoons, we complete guided reading and our topic work. Our topic lessons are made up of the foundation subjects which are completed in weekly blocks.

Our exciting and challenging P.E. sessions take place on a Friday afternoon and are led by Mrs Hall, our federation PE Instructor and Ms Hargreaves. These are great sessions to develop confidence, teamwork skills and balance and coordination. This term, we are trying our hand at martial art lessons. Collective worship takes place every morning where we gather and engage with the aim of the day.

This year in January, years 4, 5 and 6 had the opportunity to go to Robinwood Activity Centre for a 3 day residential visit where they tried new skills such as rock climbing and bouldering. 

We have a range of clubs open to the children in our class and these include Film Club, Table-tennis Club, Art Club, Praise & Play. These are very popular and change each term, taking account of our pupils' recommendations through Pupil Voice meetings.

Even though there are four year groups in our class, we all have our own work to complete and we always make sure it’s the best it can be. We all learn in different ways and this is supported through our inclusivity.

We are Class 2 and we always do our best.

Spring 2019 News

We know how hard the children worked last term and hope you have all had a lovely holiday and managed to have a well-deserved rest over the Christmas holidays.

We start the term as we mean to go on.  We have had Young Voices this week, which was a fantastic success, as well as open mornings for potential new pupils at our school and we’re now looking forward to Robinwood starting on Monday for many members of Class 2.


Our class novel this term is ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo.  This allows children to focus on a different author and style of writing.  We will be basing a range of writing genres on our novel and starting with writing a flashback story.


In Maths, we are continuing the mAthEmaTics framework to support children’s progress within Maths. We will be furthering children’s understanding of the four operations both in written and mental form in a variety of contexts. We will be starting the term focussing on fractions across a wide context of situations. These skills will be applied to situations they might come across in everyday life and problem solving activities. For children to achieve, they will need a sound understanding of their times tables facts up to 12 x 12, with Y5 and Y6 requiring instant recall of these.


This term we are learning about ‘All Living Things’. We will be focussing on the reproduction of plants and animals and how humans change and grow. Later in the term, we will start to look at states of matter, how these change and the introduction of the water cycle.


In geography, we are learning about Japan, linking with our class novel of ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. We will be looking into the human and physical geography of the country as well as making comparisons between Japan and the UK.


This term we will be focussing on being artists; we will replicate skills needed to create ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ and create the infamous Japanese cherry blossom trees.


In our RE lessons, we will continue to follow the North Yorkshire SACRE RE syllabus, covering our Christian values and the main stories and heroes form Christianity and other world faiths.


Class 2 will have P.E sessions on Fridays.  Please could children bring their kits in as soon as possible and leave it in school until half term where it can be taken home and washed to avoid children leaving kit at home.


In Class 2, homework will be handed out and collected slightly differently to last term.  Homework will be issued on Fridays as SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and maths that we have been focussing on that week and will be collected the next Thursday.

The children have been given diaries. If there is any information we might need in the diaries, please can they be handed in to myself or Mrs Collins first thing in the morning and we will respond accordingly.  Diaries will be collected every Friday and signed by us.  We will be looking for reading records to be completed at least three times a week either by someone at home or by the children.

If there are any questions or queries, please let us know


Mrs Hugill, Mrs Collins and the Class 2 team.

School Day

The gates open at 8:00am for the families that wish to access breakfast club. The rest of the school are welcome to arrive at school at 8:45am, ready for a prompt 8.55am start.  Collective worship is at 10:15am each day, apart from Friday Celebration Worship which is usually at 3:15pm. Morning break is at 10:30am for 15 minutes. Lunch time starts at 12:00pm for one hour. During lunchtime, the pupils can take advantage of the playground with a variety of games painted on it and a large attractive field, which can be used for a number of sporting activites. Afternoon break is at 2:15pm, which lasts for 15 minutes. The school day finishes at 3:30pm which sees some of our pupils engage within our after school clubs until 4:30pm. You can see more information about our facilities in our prospectus which can be found here.

Our Worship Group


Our worship group, meets regularly with Rev. Pete to discuss matters of a spiritual nature! The school is proud of its strong links to the community, local church and the Diocese of York.

Our Peace Palace

Rev. Pete met with our worship group to discuss how we use the space within our school and how this could be improved. It was decided that a new area needed to be created, an area that would allow for pause and refection. After months of consideration and design, the peace palace was built and opened in July 2017.
The pupils have designed it inside to include prayers, thoughts and feelings and it's also allows for quiet time and quality conversations with friends.

We proudly opened our Peace Palace in July 2017