Every Day Counts

The school firmly believes that going to school regularly is important for your child's future. It has been proven that children who miss school frequently can fall behind with their work and do less well in exams, impacting on future success.

Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that their child has regular and punctual attendance. It is the headteacher's responsibility to ensure that this happens and also to support families who are having difficulty.

What to do if you are late

We ask that all children arrive at school, by 8.55am, to start at 9.00am.  A member of staff will be in the playground from 8.45am to greet our families, and you may leave your child under our supervision from this time.  The bell will ring at 8.55am, ready for a 9.00am prompt registration.

If your child arrives late, please enter via the main entrance.  A 'Late' mark will be made in the register for any child arriving after the registers have closed.  The headteacher reviews the registers on a regular basis and parents will be contacted by letter should lateness persist.

What to do if your child is ill

If your child is ill, we ask that you email or telephone the school office before 9.30am on the morning of each day's absence. Children who take time off school to attend medical appointments will be expected to provide evidence of the appointment card. If this cannot be provided, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.  Please may we ask parents to make appointments before or after school or in the holidays wherever possible.

Attendance Targets

We do celebrate good attendance – children who achieve above 98% attendance across the year are recognised in the end of year Parents' Assembly.

Our Attendance target for 2017/18 was 96% and the school achieved 96.44%.  The target for 2018/19 is 97%.

Absence Requests

Please complete an Application for Pupil Leave of Absence form which is available here. Where possible, it should be completed 6 weeks before the first date of requested absence.

North Yorkshire Country Council have issued guidance for parents on attendance and behaviour which is available here.